Friday, June 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge -- Day 11

I have been doing a ton of research over the past day. I decided to start a Pinterest page, which you can find here: Eating Paleo Style... and the almost 200 new pins I found today. Because of all this internet time, I have found some very interesting articles.

1) Americans Fatter Than Ever, Obesity Officially Called A Disease -- Umm... I am pretty sure, no matter how they want to spin it, this has been a problem since I was a kid. I do think it is getting worse, unfortunately. 

2) 8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries -- I believe if people knew what their food was really made of, they wouldn't want it.... at least I hope this is the case. 

3) Rated G: Chipotle Labels GMO Ingredients -- I sure wish I could eat at this restaurant to support them. But, we don't have one around me. The closest one is 2 hours away. 

Day 11
Breakfast: Skipped. Walked 1.8 miles.

Lunch: Coleslaw with leftover taco meat and guacamole

30 minutes on the Elliptical.

Snack: The hubby brought me 2 very tasty Turkey Snack Sticks. We then had a small handful of macadamia nuts.

Dinne: I was quite full from the snack. I did want something snacky so I caramelized some onions. I really love when they have some burned edges and are slightly crispy.

The kids and the hubby had some chicken legs with sauteed zucchini with caramelized onions.

This is how I like cooking my chicken legs. The legs hang while they cook. This allows the grease to drip down the legs and cook evenly. It reminds me a lot of rotisserie chicken.

Each rack holds 12 legs. I have also hung chicken quarters on these.

Here is where you can find these racks: Man Law BBQ Wing Rack

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