About Me

I am married to a man who has Type 1 Diabetes. We have 5 children ranging in ages from 16 down to 4 years old. After having my 5th child, I was desperate to lose weight. When I started my journey, I was 182 pounds and wearing (snuggly) a size 14 pants. The first time I changed our diet, it was easy in the beginning. My husband's blood sugars immediately were more stable. He had way less extreme high's and low's, the kids weren't as hyper all the time (especially our ADHD youngest son), and I felt great. I was able to get down to 147 pounds and into a size 10. I had more energy to do all things I need to do in a day. All went well for a while and then I started to buy things that would be "ok" this "one" time. Eventually, we were back to eating a Standard American Diet. I had also convinced myself that we couldn't afford to eat Paleo style because it is more expensive.

Lately, I have been more concerned with my husband's health and the crazy blood sugars. He has been having a hard time thinking clearly. He feels he is always in a fog. We started him eating Paleo about a month ago and noticed an improvement in the way he feels almost immediately. He also started taking some killer vitamins to help reduce the damage caused by his diabetes.

I recently ran across a blog called Everyday Paleo about a woman who started paleo because she wanted to be "hot" in a bathing suit. Well, so do I!! I have gained back about 15 pounds in the last year and I am not fitting into some of my pants anymore. So, I took the plunge. Today is Thursday, I started this last Monday and I already feel great. Less bloated, less water retention, less sleepy through out the day.

My kids will be eating Paleo also, because I refuse to by the foods we aren't supposed to eat. Lucky for me, my kids actually like most vegetables and fruits. It will take time for them (and me) to adjust, but it will happen.

I should also tell you that my father in law is Arthur De Vany, author of The New Evolution Diet. Because of this, you can see that I was sort of destined to eat a paleo style diet at some point in my life. I mean, there's a lot of pressure to feed his grandkids proper!! :)